Strengths & Opportunites




Business Incentives

One Stop Shop
At several development sites, the City of Rock Hill manages many of the necessary development components (permits, real estate ownership, utilities, TIF, incentives, etc.) needed by developers.

Knowledge Economy Businesses
Knowledge economy businesses already have a strong concentration within the Knowledge Park.  These businesses are growing rapidly in the region.

Multiple Tax Credits
The “stacking” of several tax credits could enable developers to deliver existing buildings at significantly below-market lease rates.

Advanced Technology
The City of Rock Hill and Comporium Communications provide local direction of electric and telecommunications services, respectively.  Efforts are already underway to create “above market” services (reliability, redundancy, throughput, etc.) in order to create distinct competitive advantages.

New Infrastructure
The City of Rock Hill is scheduled to invest over $50 million in the Knowledge Park to include a streetcar, new streets, parking, electric substation and distribution, sanitary sewers, stormwater facilities, and water services.

Momentum/Private Investment
Projects now underway (Old Town Market, Old Town East) and planned (139 Main, Family Trust Federal Credit Union headquarters) to start soon provide momentum for additional development activities and indicate a willingness on the part of the private sector to invest in Old Town.

Strong financial incentives are already in place and new incentives specifically targeted at knowledge economy businesses are being pursued.

Under-Served Markets
There are several markets associated with the Knowledge Park within the local economy that are under-served.  These markets offer opportunities retail, housing, service, and other providers.  The student population at Winthrop University is a specific market to serve going forward.

Community Benefits

Community Leadership
The business and political leadership of Rock Hill has come together to lead this RFQ effort.

Community leaders and government officials are committed to urban revitalization.

Main Street
The Main Street core area is visually appealing, active, diverse, and a focal point

Education and Training
Knowledge economy businesses often thrive alongside colleges and universities.  Winthrop University and York Technical College can provide customized training and they provide a steady stream of talent.

Energy Costs
Rising energy costs will drive jobs and development to walkable, mixed-use districts served by public transportation, such as the Knowledge Park.

Existing Buildings
Buildings such as the former Lowenstein Building provide strong opportunities for expedite redevelopment, resulting in affordable and unique spaces.

Concentration of Employees
The largest concentration of employees (5,409 persons – ESRI 2012) within York County exists within the Knowledge Park; this base can be built upon.

Lifestyle Opportunities

Urban Lifestyle
Knowledge economy employees favor urban, mixed used environments with associated amenities – housing, restaurants, arts, entertainment, social interaction, etc.

With a higher than average unemployment rate, an available, affordable, and ambitious workforce is available to Knowledge Park businesses.

The Knowledge Park is easily accessed (4 miles to exit 79) from Interstate 77 via two 4-lane arterial roadways.  Businesses in Rock Hill can access the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (non-stop service to 142 destinations) for air travel within 40 minutes.

Proposed Streetcar
A streetcar can serve as a development catalyst to bring new development to vacant or underutilized sites.  The proposed streetcar can connect Winthrop University and downtown along with numerous other centers of activity, both existing and to be developed.