Knowledge Park

Where is Knowledge Park?

Knowledge Park is located in Rock Hill, SC

Knowledge Park is located in Rock Hill, SC

Knowledge Park is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina which is located in the north-central area of South Carolina, approximately 20 miles south along the I-77 corridor from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Knowledge Park measures about one square mile.  It stretches from the Old Town East development at Elizabeth Lane to Winthrop University at Cherry Road.  Major landmarks and businesses located within the Knowledge Park include City Hall, Winthrop University, The Cotton Factory, and Comporium Communications.

View the Knowledge Park map below:

About Knowledge Park

The Knowledge Park concept was developed in 2012 as public and private leaders joined together to implement the redevelopment of the Rock Hill’s urban core from Winthrop University, through what was the Textile Corridor, and into downtown.  The Knowledge Park is built upon a concentration of knowledge economy businesses and jobs already present.  The attraction and growth of knowledge economy businesses and employment will be aided by specific economic development advantages including a streetcar system, advanced telecommunications/electric infrastructure and services, and targeted incentives.

Twenty-two (22) private and public organizations came together to lead the Knowledge Park initiative.  These entities have identified development projects to occur over the next five years, offered available real estate for new development or redevelopment, and provided leadership.

The Knowledge Park mission statement

The Knowledge Park will be the dynamic center of Rock Hill’s 21st century economy.  Designed to be home to knowledge economy businesses and jobs, it is technologically advanced, yet rooted in the city’s rich history. Supported by a diverse community of learners, it offers an appealing urban lifestyle built upon a model of economic and environmental sustainability.

Market Assessment

Arnett Muldrow and Associates has prepared the attached market research report.  This report gives insights into the Knowledge Park’s demographics, retail market, housing market, employment trends, and target markets.

Market Assessment – Knowledge Park, Rock Hill, SC – Arnett Muldrow and Associates