Old Town

What is Old Town?

logo-oldtownOld Town is the original Rock Hill.  It is the core of the city with buildings and housing dating back before 1960.

In 2001, the term “Old Town” was coined to identify and market the historically significant area surrounding Rock Hill’s downtown.  Almost a decade later, the meaning of Old Town, and its importance as an asset to the City of Rock Hill, continues to evolve.

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Where is Old Town?

Old Town is the heart of Rock Hill which includes the City’s historic downtown and the 1.5 mile surrounding area where Winthrop University, the Knowledge Park, and the city’s original neighborhoods are found.

Why Old Town?

Old Town offers a unique mix of history and modern living.  Historic homes, industrial heritage, greenspace, and having everything in close proximity make Old Town a great place to be.  Old Town offers a genuine historic setting for business with walkable streets, inspiring architecture, and a low cost of doing business.  Businesses can draw from an available and eager workforce while also having easy access to other businesses and high-quality services.  Old Town is easily accessed from Interstate 77 and other local roads.  The streets of Old Town are lined with one-of-a-kind shops and locally owned restaurants serving a variety of cuisine, including “southern comfort” favorites.  Acclaimed residential neighborhoods renowned for restored historic homes transition seamlessly into urban living.  Arts-inclined and culturally-minded young professionals and empty-nesters alike are immersed in a healthy and diverse arts community.