Introducing Urban Lifestyle housing opportunities to Knowledge Park with walk-up flats.

Within the Knowledge Park at Old Town, there is a market opportunity for diverse housing options in this compact, urban setting.  In the downtown core itself, there is little housing to speak of.  Once into the neighborhoods surrounding the downtown core, single family detached homes are basically the only choice.

With demand for the modest Bass Building and McFadden Building apartments, there appears to be a market for downtown living.  The 139 Main project is testing that market right now as 46 apartments are being brought to the market as new construction.

With a growing list of amenities including restaurants, bars, personal services, retail, performing arts, visual arts, meeting places, and employment opportunities, living in a walkable, historic downtown is gaining momentum in Rock Hill.

Apartments, condominiums, and live-work units all offer good development prospects within the Knowledge Park at Old Town.

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