Transformational Vision

From automobiles; to textiles; to knowledge economy — Rock Hill remains a factory of ideas and innovation. 1.3 million square feet of commerce, restaurants, shops, public space and residential vibrancy linking downtown Rock Hill and Winthrop University.

Duration Estimate: 2014 – 2020


  • 1,000 + new jobs and incremental real estate taxes in excess of $2.8 million annually.
  • Fuses University assets with vacant real estate
  • Synergizes multi-generational living
  • Strengthens Rock Hill as a quaint, but relevant community
  • Preserves heritage, place and history
  • Brings jobs to downtown Rock Hill

Next Steps:

  • City approval of the Conceptual Master Plan
  • Draft and execute Development Agreements with City
  • Consider zoning, bulk requirements and other criteria specific to the Master Plan; Financing of public infrastructure and other public components
  • Phased land acquisition strategy that will allow the City to recover, at a minimum, its capital expenditures related to the redevelopment area
  • Form of land disposition agreement between the developer and City